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Your place in Gdańsk!

You deserve a high standard

Choosing Migowskie Wzgórza you can be sure that the specialists have designed the apartments in accordance with the latest trends, and for the execution we used only high quality materials.

You will save your time

The location is perfectly communicated – the road to the center of Wrzeszcz and Gdańsk City Centre will take you little time. And everyone likes to save their time, doesn’t it?

You’ ll rest here

The apartments are located in a quiet area and in the vicinity of the forest. Coming back here, you leave behind the hustle and bustle of Wrzeszcz or the center of Gdańsk and you will welcome the intimate atmosphere, which is missing in large development investments.


You deserve a high standard

From the colours, through the staircase concept, to handle and door fitting designs. The appearance of the complex has been carefully planned by specialists who took care of the functionality, comfort and consistency of all buildings.

The whole design is maintained mainly in the colors of delicate white and shades of grey, which makes the decor not only consistent with the latest trends, but also timeless. In order to maintain the highest standards, we used only high quality materials. For future residents of Migowskie Wzgórza we offer a diverse range of sizes – from 27 to 123 square meters.

You'll save your time

Located on the Upper Terrace of Wrzeszcz, Migowskie Wzgórza are perfectly communicated with both the Gdańsk City Centre and the other districts.

It will take you about 5 minutes to get to the center of Wrzeszcz, and getting to Oliwa, Przymorze or Zaspa usually takes less than 20 minutes. The location also allows free access to schools, shopping centers, hospitals and pharmacies.

You will leave your car in safe garage halls with 24 parking spaces, where there will also be charging stations for electric cars and storage cells. For the convenience of residents, there will be lifts in the buildings leading to the garage hall.

You will rest here

The complex is located right next to the forest and has an intimate character – in each of the five buildings there are only 4 apartments, which is a great advantage for those who care about peace and avoidance of the atmosphere of a large development housing estate.

The apartments on the lowest floor will have spacious gardens, the apartments on the upper floors will have balconies, while the apartments on the top floor will have an additionally paid option of a large terrace, which is possible to be arranged by yourself.


Photos from the construction site


Estate Plan

How to get to us?

  • Going from the side of Wrzeszcz along Jaśkowa Dolina Street we have to get to the Pan Cogito roundabout and turn left on it (second exit)
  • Going from the side of Migowo we also get along Jaśkowa Dolina street to the roundabout of Pan Cogito, on it we turn slightly right (first exit).
  • In both cases we will find ourselves on Wileńska Street. After passing about 20 meters, we turn left, just next to the kindergarten fence. We enter the road made of concrete slabs. On this road, after about 30 meters, we turn right, and then the street leads us straight to Migowskie Wzgórza.

Designed with your
comfort in mind

We present the layout of the buildings included in the complex.

On the western side, under the forest, there will be a playground with benches and a place for recreation. Two garage halls with places for vehicles will be located under the complex, and each of the buildings will have a lift leading directly to the garages. The area of the facility will be fenced and the entrance will be secured with a barrier.

Moreover, security in Migowskie Wzgórza will be ensured by 24-hour monitoring.


Prices from 10 900 zł per 1 m2.
BuildingApartmentFloorRoomsInner area m2Garden m2Balcony m2Roof terrace m2SideStatusApartment plan
A105124,04199East South WestSolddownload
A2.11245,726,75South WestSolddownload
A2.21474,8810,13West SouthSolddownload
A324115,7818,65128,92N S W ESolddownload
B10487,65124N S WestSolddownload
B2.11352,8413,8East South WSolddownload
B32487,7213,8downloadS N WestSolddownload
C1047372N S EastAvailabledownload
C2.11242,199,3S EastSolddownload
C2.21229,13N EastSolddownload
C32472,629,3downloadN S EastSolddownload
D104103,66218East N WestSolddownload
D2.11370,9111,05S EastSolddownload
D2.21357,7113,88N S WestSolddownload
D325123,3021,86downloadS East WestSolddownload
E104119,49300N S East WestSolddownload
E2.11349,4211,06S WestSolddownload
E2.21368,9718,73S N WestSolddownload
E324116,3340,38downloadN S East WestSolddownload

Don't you want to wait long for your dream apartment?

Our investment is already at an advanced stage – we regularly post photos showing the progress of work on the website.

The reception of apartments in Migowskie Wzgórza is planned for the fourth quarter of 2020.


The ComfortLife company was created by the merger of Home For You Patryk Kowalik and Your Home Development companies.

We build flats, multi-family buildings and development segments using traditional technology.

Many years of experience in the construction industry of our partners and an innovative approach to shaping modern architecture, inscribed in the context of the place, are the features that characterize our company’s activity.

When designing and implementing our investments we always try to satisfy the needs of our customers. We take care that our investments are not only functional, but also characterized by high aesthetics. Detail and high quality material are our priority.





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